Stellated Icosahedra

There are 59 stellations of the icosahedron. These pages contain various images of these stellations and some background information.

This information is an excerpt of an article published in Mathematica in Education [Maeder94b]. An expanded version appears in Chapter 10 of R. Maeder's book The Mathematica Programmer II.

About the Stellated Icosahedra

About the Images on These Pages

The metric properties and graphics data were computed with a Mathematica program, developed by R. Maeder.

The ray-traced images on these pages were rendered with POV-ray, from data computed with the program mentioned above, using a conversion program from Mathematica graphics format to POV-ray input.

Programs and Images are Available!

The Mathematica programs to compute and render the polyhedra are included on the CD-ROM that comes with The Mathematica Programmer II. The book contains also high-resolution color images of all stellated icosahedra. Follow the link to the book's home page for more information and direct ordering in association with

Guide to the Images

The guided tour of all 59 stellations starts here.
A visual index (clickable map) of all 59 stellations
Floor plans (clickable map) of all 59 stellations

About the Numbering of the Icosahedra

The images on these pages have been ordered by increasing circumradius. This ordering is different from the ordering used in [Coxeter82] or the ordering used in our program. The number used in the program is listed on the pages of the individual solids. An index sorted by old numbers is available here.

You may also want to have a look at the collection of all uniform polyhedra.
Programs and high-resolution images for all stellated icosahedra are available in the book The Mathematica Programmer II by R. Maeder.
All 59 stellated icosahedra, with background information and a clickable map.

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