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The Mathematica Programmer, AP Professional, 1994.
ISBN 0-12-464990-4, 199 pages, with floppy disk.
(Volume 1 is currently out of print.)

The Mathematica Programmer II, Academic Press, 1996.
ISBN 0-12-464992-0, 296 pages, with CD-ROM.
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Welcome to The Mathematica Programmer Web Site

This archive serves two purposes:

Electronic Components of the Books

The Mathematica Programmer includes a floppy disk with all programs from the book, suitable for Version 2.2 of Mathematica.

The Mathematica Programmer II includes a CD-ROM with all programs from the book, suitable for Mathematica Version 3.

Additionally it contains updated programs from the first volume of the book, also for Mathematica Version 3.

Other WWW Resources

Excerpt of CD-ROM

What follows is an excerpt from the information on the CD-ROM that is included with every copy of The Mathematica Programmer II.

The Mathematica Programmer CD-ROM

Hypertext Information Guide

You are viewing the top, or index, document of the hypertext access system for the Mathematica Programmer CD-ROM. From here you can get to all other information by following hyperlinks, or anchors.
Anchors are the blue, often underlined portions of text or icons. Each anchor connects you to a different document on this CD-ROM, or elsewhere on the Internet. With most html browsers, you follow an anchor by clicking on it with the left mouse button.
Your browser and these pages contain various tools for moving around this information: forward, back, up, and so on. The anchor in the label of this item points to more information about these tools.
Contents of the CD-ROM
An explanation of the various kinds of information compiled on this CD-ROM.
The Mathematica Programmer WWW Archive
A repository of up-to-date information complementing this CD-ROM.

Pointers to All Information on the CD-ROM

Table of Contents
The table of contents gives you access to all electronic information from Volumes 1 and 2 of The Mathematica Programmer, chapter by chapter.
The Picture Gallery
View the pictures on this CD-ROM.
List of All Programs
Consult the alphabetical list of all programs.
List of All Notebooks
Consult an alphabetical list of all notebooks, containing many examples from the book.
Internet Resources
Browse a compilation of information on the WWW that might be of interest to readers of this book.
News from the Archive
Access The Mathematica Programmer WWW Archive (requires Internet access).
Readers' Comments
A form for your comments (requires Internet access).

Installation (Optional)

Configuring Your WWW Browser
Tell your browser to launch Mathematica to view notebooks.
Installing the Mathematica Programs
Install the programs on your hard disk and configure Mathematica such that it can find the programs.


Copyright © 1996 Roman E. Maeder. All rights reserved.

Produced in the United States of America.

ISBN 0-12-464993-9

The information on this CD-ROM may not be copied except for personal use of the person who is in possession of the CD-ROM itself.
Note that an excerpt of this information is available on the Internet, at The Mathematica Programmer Web Site.
Some of the Mathematica programs in the MathProg directory carry their own copyright notices, which may allow a wider distribution.

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