Illustrated Mathematics
Visualization of Mathematical Objects with Mathematica

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1995 TELOS/Springer-Verlag

Oliver Gloor
Beatrice Amrhein
Roman E. Maeder

Illustrated Mathematics is a comprehensive collection of graphics and animations for various topics in mathematics on a CD-ROM. The images can be used without any additional software.

Further, programs for the design of new examples are included. The programs are written in Mathematica's programming language, which means that Mathematica is necessary for their use. Prior knowledge of Mathematica is not required. Examples can be created by modifying parameters in existing examples.

Illustrated Mathematics is designed for teachers and students at high schools and undergraduate colleges.

The software can be used on Macintosh computers and under Windows (without any additional software), and on other computers (together with Mathematica or MathReader). The CD-ROM contains fully worked out collections for Macintosh and Windows. Versions for other computers (NeXT and Unix) are included in compressed form.

The CD-ROM is formatted in dual-mode, that is, it looks like an ordinary (HFS) volume on the Macintosh. On other computers, the ISO 9660 part can be accessed.

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